Ausgabe 5/09 

Rhode Island Hospital is the only Level I trauma center and burn unit in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, the largest academic medical center in the state, is the only Level 1 trauma hospital in the area, serving all of Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Eas­tern Connecticut, 1.5 million.

Nationally recognized for its superior critical care services, Rhode Island Hospital’s critical care staff members take a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, with a physician, critical care nurses and respiratory therapists caring for each patient.

Rhode Island Hospital has four me­dical critical care units and six surgical critical care units with a total of 134 critical care beds. Critical care units include: Coronary critical care unit (10 beds); medical intensive care unit (18 beds); cardiothoracic intensive care unit (8 beds); surgical intensive care unit (8 beds); trauma intensive care unit (11 beds); intensive neurocritical care unit (12 beds); respiratory intermediat...


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